Vendor Selection

DRG assists the clients in finding vendors who have experience in manufacturing their particular products. Managing the quality expectations of our clients with right group of vendors is our first step. We do an evaluation of every new vendor so that they are compliant with all labor laws, export formalities and have the finacail ability to complete the orders.

Inspections of Goods:

DRG inspectors have a specific technical educational background in our clients particular product catagory. Our inspectors also have manufacturing experience be it in textiles, furniture, lighting or giftware, our professionals know how your products are made and can disern what is excellent quality, reject what is not to your standard and offer solutions to you and the vendor on corrective action.

We go into action after a purchase order is made by doing an intial meeting with the vendor, a mid term on line inspection and a final product inspection before packaging. All inspections and meetings are reported to our clients, complete with photographs of the items and elicit your comments during the process.

Our inpsectors will also alert you to any delays in the production cycle before emergencies arise. We will always keep our clients updated on the entire production process via email, videos, skype meetings and photographs.


Direct Resource Group can assist clients and vendors in packaging design. We are experts in re-shippable packaging for retail and direct ship programs.

All our inspectors are certified in drop testing proceedures and will make suggestions on improving packaging to our vendors. We have pushed all our vendors to upgrade packing material and will reject items not properly secured.

Price negotiations

Direct Resource Group is ready to assist our clients in price negotiations when requested by our clients. Meeting pricing targets is our main objective for our clients. Reaching favorable terms, quantities, delivery schedules, packaging and product testing are all components DRG can assist in to meet our clients objectives. Our vendors realize that all prices must be valid for at least 1 year, penalties on late delivery exceeding the times on the proforma invoice will also be enforsed. DRG will find solutions for our clients to make their purchases a win win for both parties.

Product Testing

Direct Resource Group are experts in the requirements of all product testing need to comply with retailers and laws to any destination. We work with all major Internationally known testing labs, we know the protocols required for meeting the compliance issues for all our clients products. We will work with the vendors to make sure they comply with all local requirements be they lead, fire retardents, UL /CL parts compliance, flamability, product source validation to name a few examples. We are updated on all compliance proceedures and will assist our clients be ready for future testing in the future to keep them ahead of their competition.

Logistics Services

Direct Resource Group are experts in helping our clients mix multiple suppliers in fully loaded containers to maximize your transportation costs.

We have built our business on helping our clients be able to take minimum orders and combine them in a central consolidatioon freight station (CFS) to create the most efficient shipping package. We can help our clients with ocean, air and less than container load shipments to any destination worldwide.