What We Do

Direct Resource Group a sourcing and product development company with 20 years of servicing our clients sourcing demands in India and China.

Benefits that DRG offers to its esteem customers are as follows.

  • Qualified Vendors delivering on time
  • Highly trained QC inspectors
  • Highly educated and experience Merchandisers for Pricing negotiations and production and delivery management
  • Modern Packaging is one of our specialty
  • Logistic division for effective management of container stuffing/clubbing for faster delivery.

We have a large pool of qualified QC inspectors who are based in vendor locations to manage the production milestones and ensures laid down quality standards.

Our experience and qualified Merchandisers are our main strength, who work as effective channel between the Buyers and Vendors to ensure timely delivery of goods to the Buyer.

DRG’s logistic division takes care of the all the logistics services Requirements of Buyers and it works in tandem with Vendors and Buyers so that there is no delay in shipping process

Having all these resources scattered in the key parts of these countries, puts us in a unique situation which no other Buying agency can ever aspire to. We can control every aspect of importing goods, from Vendor Sourcing to Production and quality management and finally to Shipping and logistic management.

We also provide real time PO tracking system with auto delay alerts so that our customers can see and control the progress of their orders and also see actual photos various stages of on going production and QC inspections.