Home Décor products from India

Handcrafted home décor has been a specialty of India from centuries through its traditional artisan population and with the blending of new technologies has propelled India to the front of Home Décor items exporter

Our vendors offer exquisite hand crafted decorative pieces in metal, glass, wood; area rugs, carpets, wall hangings, photo frames, candle stands, mirrors, chandeliers and variety of other materials;

We also cater to those consumer who seeks more modern products like vazes, artificial flowers, fragrances, porcelain, candles. Blinds, wall papers, wooden floorings, bath accessories, decorative hardware and so on.

While centres like Moradabad, Firozabad, Jaipur, & Jodhpur offer unique traditional solutions, The major cities like Delhi offer more modern Home Décor items for the needs of Modern homes