Global Sourcing

Direct Resource Group ensures sourcing from Asian exporters based on their proven world class quality of products and manufacturing ability. This includes an evaluation of the Vendor factory premises, ISO or other certification, and compliance with all child labor laws.

Direct Resource Group will provide assistance with price negotiations with your chosen vendors. DRG strives to achieve the negotiate the most cost effective production schedule and the most favorable terms of payment for their clients. Once the orders placed: DRG ensures and enforce compliance of the terms and conditions agreed by the client and their respective vendors .

Direct Resource Group can provide assistance with sourcing stock-lots/close-outs from our Vendor List including garments, leather products, home furnishings, brass and copper artware and gift items.

We understand that the packaging is one area where clients need special attention, when they are sourcing out of Asia. DRG over the years have developed considerable expertise in this area and are fully equipted to provide a total packaging solution to our clients.